When severe weather strikes, have a plan — Judith Kukla

While no one thinks a tornado will hit them, it helps to prepare for the worst.

While most of us cant do much to reinforce our home, we can prepare to survive a tornado.

Just in case a severe storm or tornado occurs, where would our valuables end up? Strewn throughout the neighborhood? What would we do for clothes? Identification? Money? What if we were stuck in the basement, bathroom or closet for a time waiting it out?

Heres a plan: Use a plastic bag or metal box to hold identification, money, charge cards, personal papers, checkbook, jewelry, cellphone and eyeglasses. In another bag, put blankets, pillows, reading material, a portable radio and new batteries.

And dont forget the can opener and a few cans of food and silverware. Include some paper and pencils in your survival bag.

Earthquakes and tornadoes have occurred since the beginning of time. Lives have been lost. Damage has occurred.

All we can do is use our survival skills, just in case.

— Judith Kukla, Edgerton

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