Woolworths trademark maps out financial services ambition

Eager to not fall behind arch rival Coles as it pushes deeper into offering a suite of financial services to shoppers, Woolworths has mapped out its own ambitious plan for its Woolworths Money brand by securing new trademarks across a slew of products including deposit taking, personal loans, residential mortgages and even superannuation and retirement funds.

Woolworths has registered a new trademark for its Woolworths Money livery which stretches the brand over a range of financial goods and services that includes insurance, bank savings and investment accounts, personal loans and home loans.

The trademark, lodged with the Australian Trade Marks Office in late June, also opens the way to a possible move into financial planning with one category covering insurance administration, consultancy and information services, as well as pension and retirement and superannuation plans and funds.

Importantly, the trademark centralises the supermarkets sprawling financial services arm under the one banner as it moves away from its everyday money branding to focus its marketing attention on Woolworths Money.

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